Welcome Survivors to our Official AFTERSHOCK Status Report for the 27th of SEPTEMBER 2019, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Dev Update [Sam]  

Hey there everyone! 
I have some new things to share with you in this week’s Development Log.


A New Way To Check Your Stats

A big thing we wanted for AFTERSHOCK was to keep players really immersed in the world. Having UI on your screen constantly updating you on all of your statistics seemed just unrealistic, so to fix that I have been working on a system behind the scenes. It is still a major WIP but it will be a core part of your survival in AFTERSHOCK. This system is a small tablet/device that is strapped to your arm and is connected to your bloodstream to gather the various info about your player, from your blood levels to your current thirst requirements.

The stats screen will also show you your heart rate which will fluctuate based on various situations, such as your heart rate spiking is you get shot. Another feature of the stats screen is that it is connected to a 4G network. This mysterious network spreads across the entire island from what we know and it seems that it comes from the same towers that turn people into crazies…..

With the power of this network, these devices you spawn with will allow you to add friends to your squad and to check the current active player list. We also plan to move the global chat system (not local chat) to this section of the device.


The first concern that we had come up was about any players who want to stay hidden from this network. When you spawn in, you are not connected to this network meaning you are hidden by default. If you want to connect to the network, you can via the options menu on the tablet (Feature In Development).

Missions and More!

We know that having missions is a feature that a lot of people backed for and it's one of the main features that will help with replayability. I’ve been working on this as well behind the scenes and it is coming along well. In the following GIF, I have just accepted a mission from the NPC and I’m checking my tablet to look into the information of the mission. This is why the tablet is such a key feature, having the UI show up on your screen immediately threw us out of the game and we lost the immersion that was built up during that conversation.

Now, with our new device you can keep your missions logged in the missions tab. There are Main Missions and Side Missions with the biggest difference being based on what missions give you the most reputation and rewards. Do note that the recommended level is your reputation level, you cannot accept a mission unless you meet the recommended reputation of said mission.

Crossbow Update!

At long last, it's here! The crossbow is a community voted weapon that I’ve been working on in my spare time. Currently, there are no animations but the core system works as intended, the bolts are affected by wind and gravity so will take some getting used to for beginners.


Apologies for this taking a while to come back up again in the dev-logs, we have a set plan and didn’t want to divert from core work to work on this. The next weapon that was requested by BooseOG is still in the works but will take some time as it’s not a high priority currently compared to the core features of the game.


I’ve done more streams in the past week or so with LIVE AFTERSHOCK development, from creating the map to working on the tablet system I just showed off earlier in the development log. If you want to catch these streams, be sure to check them out over at:

We have been uploading all the streams we do to our YouTube channel here:

There are still a lot of features in the works that I'm just not ready to show off yet, although one I will tease is the friends/squad system. I know that’s very important to a lot of you so expect updates on that in the near future.

That’s all I have for this development log,

Dev Update [Dom]  

Hello Backers, Members and everyone in between.
For this dev-log, I'm going to talk about about the newer changes to La Feria.

Like I said in the last dev-log, I’ve been doing work on the prison (still need to think of the name).


Since last time, I have introduced more buildings to fill in the open space and I am no starting to do interior work on the current buildings.


Larger Cell Block Buildings.


Mid Size Cell Block Buildings


Shower Building (don't drop the soap).

That's all for this dev-log guys.
Signing off -Dominic

Dev Update [James]
Hey everyone.
So an update of what I have been up to in the past two weeks.


Good progress has been made on the Charger Crazy. I have been able to get it to charge at you and if you manage to dodge it, it will keep going until it runs into something or gets to a certain distance.


The arm in the picture above is currently like that for a reason. With help from Sam, I am working on making the dominant hand rise when charging, which is currently a WIP.

Sound Detection

Quite a while back, I talked about having a sound detection for the Crazies and by extension all the other AI, such as the animals. Well, I have got this working to the point where sounds can be heard. This can be anything from a footstep to your weapon being fired so be careful where you step. While working on other features of the AI, I have disabled the sound detection so it won’t be triggered when working on other features.

Overview of AI

I am looking into a different way of getting players detected by an AI. The expectation of this is for the detection to take less time to complete tasks which can make it less resource-intensive.

That is all for today :)

Dev Update [Caebyn]    

Hey guys.

Things here have been fairly calm on the home front. We continue to appreciate all the support you guys give us each and every day. I saw recently about some of the fans around the world that have been sharing out the stuff we put out and it makes us so happy to see how far this game has reached. All the stuff that I personally put out finding an audience like that is absolutely breathtaking (no you’re breathtaking) and this makes this part even more worthwhile.

See y’all next time.

That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.

Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard