Welcome Survivors to our Official AFTERSHOCK Status Report for the 30th of AUGUST 2019, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Dev Update [Sam]

Hey there everyone! 
I have some new things to share with you in this week’s Development Log.



In the previous update, I showcased the early stages of AFTERSHOCK’s Blood System.
There have been a few changes under the hood that has optimized the system and stopped it from using too many resources. The system also now replicates on the server to all clients.



We have been doing some testing with the team behind the scenes and ran into a number of issues that you can’t debug or replicate inside the Unreal Engine Editor. Thanks to Mini-Dump files and a lot of debugging, we fixed a lot of crashes and major bugs.


While doing this we noticed a major issue with the players and vehicles which was that there was very bad d-sync even with a solid ping. I spent the past two weeks reading up on replication and studying it along with network smoothing. After countless tests, we have managed to make all vehicles and players replicate just as smooth as the host. There is still plenty of room to improve but this is a great and solid foundation to begin with.



I had a discussion with one of our backers recently who was asking if we could release the server files prior to launch. We are considering pre-loading of the game files because to run a dedicated server file you must have the game installed. The game will have an in-built auth system that unless you have a game key linked to your account will not load past the auth screen. 

This discussion also brought the question of what do you potential server owners want feature-wise involving dedicated servers.

I have created a Google Form that you can use to fill In your potential ideas:



We recently went through all of our code/blueprint and did a major cleanup. This took us two weeks to do as there is a lot of code and blueprint to go through and then noticed a small improvement in performance. The main reason for doing this is that James and I would struggle to understand each other’s code/blueprint due to how messy it was in formatting and some code could be done in a far less complex way which would use less resources. 

We plan on keeping the code/blueprint more clean so that any future programmers that join will have a simple time understanding the code/blueprint.


In our recent multiplayer tests we can now confirm that Proximity Voice Chat works as intended. You can now communicate in real time with your friends and shit talk that guy who keeps trying to shoot you in the knee so he can make you eat some rotten flesh.

We also added an icon that shows when you are speaking. There are two ways to use voice chat, push to talk or toggle to talk, the default key is caps lock but this can be changed.


I think there has been a misunderstanding from a few people in the community about a release date. There is no set release date due to us not wanting to set up false expectations and hype that will easily spiral out of control. There are two programmers (myself and James), one level designer (Dom), and our audio engineer (Navaro). I’m not trying to create future excuses and such but instead I’m trying to help some of you who may not be aware that we are a small team with little to no funding. Our only source of income is from the generous support of our backers and money out of our own back pocket (note that all money earned from the game has gone right back into its development). To everyone that has backed so far, your support has been great and it has helped us add some cool things to the game that we couldn't have without you. We are looking into different ways to get funding from a Kickstarter which we are working on but it won’t be released until it’s ready and making the video for it is taking some extra time. Also, we have discussed the possibility of looking for a publisher though we would rather not take this route due to creative reasons. 

We had a personal goal to aim for a release at the end of this year and we have always said this isn't a date but some people may have misinterpreted this as a confirmed set date. There has been an incredible amount of progress done in the past eight months and we will continue to do so but with the transferring of BLACKBOX to England in December (starting with myself moving and Caebyn shortly after) and other factors like the games scope being as large as it is, we most likely won't hit that goal. This is something for us as a team to take into consideration for the future so to make sure that we set a far more realistic goal and keep at the solid pace we have had, the dev-logs will always be every two weeks and keep you all up to date on everything. 

I will not deny that the stress has been piling up on us, there is a major weight on my shoulders as the project lead to make sure that progress keeps going well and that we deliver you the game we set out to make. I’m even afraid to share this heart to heart in the dev-log now as the thing that scares me most is letting anyone down. Knowing that 99% of you will understand and wish for us to take that time to make the game good and ready for you all to play makes me feel better but I do understand that all of you will be sad that you can’t play sooner than later. For that, I apologize from the bottom of my heart to anyone who feels let down. 

We know that the dev-logs have been working well as our view counts on here having been hitting over 1000+ views per dev-log but we want to give you more. There are plans for more YouTube content and hopefully later on this year some Twitch streams of development of the game and any sort of bug tests we may do.

We want to keep this close community strong and make sure we are 100% transparent with you at all times. Please feel free to email me if you have any concerns and questions about the game, if you backed the game recently and believed that release was the end of this year due to a misunderstanding, contact Humble if you wish to refund. Remember, only back if you’re doing it to support development currently.

Email me here privately for any queries or questions:

PS: To any backers in England that want to meet up for a drink to discuss things feel free to HMU in the future, perhaps even a little backer meetup!?

That’s all I have for this development log,



Dev Update [Dom]

Hello Backers, Members and everyone in between.

This Dev-log, I'm going to talk about the newer changes to La Feria.

In our last dev-log, I stated that I was going to start working on the prison (originally built by Sam) and I thought that along with building a town nearby, the prison should be updated.

So for the town while there are no buildings yet, I have started to build the layout i'm going to use.


As for the prison, I do plan on expanding the outer walls giving the iterator floor space more room. In the future, this may be set up as a trading settlement of some kind but that is not up to me. For now, I’m just going to expand the layout till it looks more like a prison.


That's everything for right now, other than my other projects like the airfield, everything else is in an unfinished state.

Signing off -Dominic

Dev Update [James]

Hey there all.
Some things that I have been working on in the past 2 weeks

New Special Crazy.

Sam and I have been talking about other crazies that we would like to implement, so this week I have started implementing a new Crazy AI. This AI will relentlessly charge at you, making it one of your top priorities to take it down before it takes you down. This is a very early Work in Progress so animations have not been set up yet and I am using animations for the Exploding Crazies at the moment.


It is great to have another Crazy in the game but that means we need a name for it and this is where you guys come in. 
I have created a Google form that you can use to submit any name ideas that you might have for this type of crazy. Of course this is not limited to this particular Crazy type. If you have any suggestions of names for existing Crazies or future Crazies, feel free to speak up. 

That is all for now.


James :)

Dev Update [Aidan]

Hey all.

I've realized I haven't been in the dev-log for a while so let me give you a quick update. The API is in need of some authentication and after that, we should just about be ready to pilot test this on the launcher and in-game. Of course we will do most testing in house before testing with a small group of people and then scaling up from there. This will link up with the authentication that Sam mentioned earlier where you will be checked for an AFTERSHOCK key on launch of the game.

That’s all from me folks, enjoy your weekend and have a happy Fathers Day (from here in NZ).

PS Dad if you're reading this, you're the best Dad a son could have.

Dev Update [Caebyn]

Hello there [cue the Obi-Wan (who else is excited that he is coming back like oh my god)].

What have I been up to (apart from gushing about more Ewan McGregor in Star Wars)?
Well if you’ve been keeping up to date with all the posts and stuff, you should know what is going on. I hope you guys continue to enjoy the content that is put out there as I enjoy sharing it with everyone. As you would have read earlier, there has been a lot of stress with keeping up with the workload while being a small team like ourselves. We all do our part to the best we can and me doing all this writing and whatnot helps take off a bit of the load from others. I promise that all this time that we are taking will be worth it in the end (because it does matter).

Remember, the Force will be with you always and see you next time.

That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.

Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard