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Welcome Survivors to our Official AFTERSHOCK Status Report for the 2nd of AUGUST 2019, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Dev Update [Sam]

Hey there everyone! 

I have some new things to share with you in this week’s Development Log.


A few nights ago, I had a discussion with some of the backers about how they would feel about us doing a large scale Kickstarter. The response actually surprised me as we had most people if not all saying that we should. After having a meeting with the team and discussing how we would go about this, we came to the conclusion that there will most likely be a Kickstarter in the future. We have made sure that the work on it will not affect the current AFTERSHOCK development speeds.

We do ask that once the Kickstarter goes live that you all share it around on your social media, it would mean a lot!



Recently, we held a straw-poll for the community to vote on thanks to BooseOG who supported us for the top tier goal twice. This allowed the community to vote on his second weapon of choice.

After leaving the poll for a while the winner was the Crossbow!


I have started working on the system for the crossbow which is going well, it’s more about getting the bolts to fly and drop at a realistic rate.
Also, I have begun working on the animations but currently they are not in the state to be shown off yet.


This system was always something I had been worried about, thinking that it was going to be more difficult. However, turns out that it’s actually quite simple thanks to some experimental features added to Unreal Engine after version 4.19 (we are on 4.22 as of this dev log).

Currently proximity voice chat works within a small radius but we plan on adding in the ability to switch between three different voice states:

Whispering: Players within a 3.5m radius will be able to hear you.

Talking: Players within a 10-15m radius will be able to hear you.

Shouting: Players within a 40m radius will be able to hear you.

Do note that due to occlusion culling, the sounds will affected by the direction and objects in between the players that are speaking, also talking under water will sound like gurgling.


The Inventory is one of the most important features of a survival game so it has to be easy to understand while also having some realism and depth to it. That’s why to equip a weapon, it will be added to your Hand slot. You will be able to drag an item from your inventory and it can be equipped to your hands as well as being able to use hotkeys to do this more naturally. Any weapon that is equipped to your hand can be holstered quickly by pressing H.

I have also been working on the grid system as well. This means updating the color from a bright white to a lighter grey on the outlines to make it easier to see in daylight situations. I’ll still be adjusting this as time goes on.



In AFTERSHOCK you can use Global Chat or Local Chat (I have plans for more types in the future, if you have any ideas let me know in the Discord). I have cleaned up how the chat looks and have made sure that it doesn’t take too much of the screen up.

That’s all I have for this update!


Dev Update [Dom]

Hello Backers, Members and everyone in between.

This Dev-log, I'm going to talk about about the newer changes to La Feria.

For the past 2 weeks I have been working on terrain aesthetic, an example of this is in the photo below. These include road signs and rock formations on the cliff side.


In regards to the dock, I have now finished most of the little details like wiring, cracks in the concrete and general dirtiness. As for the container layout, I have started to randomize the coloring, branding and general wear and tear of the containers throughout the yard and on board the ships.


Now with the housing, I have started to place and experiment with layouts for the housing. For the housing, this can include houses having car ports or not, or having a house with a pool while others do not. This is the general idea as I want to make each house unique having stated that in previous dev-logs.


That is all I have for this Dev-log.

Wait, I have one more thing to share. Well this isn't entirely new as it has been a thing for awhile, I just haven’t mentioned it. As part of my general notes for this town, it does actual have a non-official name called “Botolphe City”. Keep in mind this is just what I have named it, in the future I may get our community manager Caebyn to run a poll with other suggested names.

Signing off -Dominic

Dev Update [James]

So another Dev-Log rolls around and what have I been up to? 

I have been researching a lot about the way that animals would move around in packs/herds and I’m looking into ways to implement them. 

Having herds and packs for the animals will add immeasurably to how the wilderness will feel when exploring the map and looking for different ways to survive. You might come across one or several deer, meaning you have either very little food or quite a bit. Not to mention the packs of wolves and other predators that might be lurking in the bushes nearby ready to pounce.


As for future plans, there is an idea to have a crazy AI that will get stronger and stronger the longer a fight goes on. Along with this, they would also have a chance to eat other previously killed animals and crazies, resulting in your chances of looting being lost. 

Big Thanks to YuNiMoS from our Discord server for this suggestion.

That is all for now. 

Till next time


AI Programmer

Dev Update [Caebyn]

Hello there.

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past two weeks but a lot of the work that has been done haven’t provided much to show off. I promise to get more out there over the next two weeks though and as you can see, there is a lot more to show off now. Thanks again for everyone who supports us through these medias and I will see you guys next time.


We are so grateful to the following for the support on our Patreon Page!




That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.

Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard