Welcome Survivors to our Official AFTERSHOCK Status Report for the 7th of JULY 2019, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Hope you Enjoy!

Dev Update [Sam]

Hey there everyone! 

I have some new things to share with you in this week’s Development Log.


Thanks to the power of solar panels these gondolas have been preparing for your arrival. La Feria is a large island with a lot of steep inclines which can make it hard to traverse at times. Need to get up to the top of a steep cliff? Take the Gondola up to the top but be warned! Taking a lift is risky as you are an obvious target to anyone passing by and you won't be able to get out of it until you come to a stop. Unless you have a parachute?



Bandages not cutting it? Blood bags taking too long? Take our trusty new Injector for a jab and see how it works out for you.


Currently the Injectors healing amount is unknown, more info on that in the future.


We took a few days off to transfer the whole project (which is very large at this point) over to Unreal Engine 4.22.

This new update brings a plethora of new features! 

(taken from here:

Real-Time Ray Tracer 

The Ray Tracing features are composed of a series of ray tracing shaders and ray tracing effects. With each of these, we're able to achieve natural, realistic looking lighting effects in real-time which are comparable to modern offline renderers for shadowing, ambient occlusion, reflections, and more.


Path Tracer 

In addition to the Ray Tracer, we've included an unbiased Path Tracer with a full global illumination path for indirect lighting that creates ground truth reference renders right inside of the engine. This can improve workflow content in your Unreal scene without needing to export to a third-party offline path tracer for comparison. 

New: High-Level Rendering Refactor

In this release, we have completely rewritten mesh drawing in Unreal Engine to have better drawing performance and support for Real-Time Ray Tracing. In the future, we'll continue to move additional rendering work to the GPU.

Thanks to this new update, we have managed to get some serious optimizations in play and some new features including changes to our ocean which we will go over in the future.

Female Character Model Update

We have been doing some updates to the female character model which allows for some new effects to occur. Currently, we are working on different material effects for when you have taken damage based on the location. Also, now when you go under any water you will get wet.


We hope to improve on this more in the near future.

That’s all I have for this update!


Dev Update [Dom]

Hello everyone, it's me Dom with another update.

Since our last dev-log, I have been working on my templates for the buildings I would be using within my cities.

Within my templates, I’ve been experimenting with different roof coloring, as well as interior room wall designs and materials, giving each house a unique look and design.


As for other houses and buildings, I have some other designs in the works but I just need to make sure they will fit with the current two designs.

That’s all I have for today, I’ll leave you all with this in-game screenshot of Sams Quick Injector.


Dev Update [James]

Hello Survivors, once again the bi-weekly Dev-Log rolls around.

No progress worth noting has been made on the animals that were talked about last time. However, that does not mean I have stopped working, quite the opposite actually.

I was looking through the code of the AI that I currently have and I fixed a few issues that I have been working on. While looking into ways of make the code easier to use and work with, I came across a few things that I personally think are beneficial to the overall functionality of the AI. This means some changes have been made that affect quite a big portion of what I have which breaks some of the functionality of the AI. With a bit of tweaking here and there, I have made good progress in getting it back to the way it was beforehand.

With these changes that I have done, it will give more flexibility when making new behavior for the AI. This cuts down the time for making certain behaviors as I can do checks for certain conditions that need to be met and checking for only one match to what needs to be looked for.

What does this mean for the development of animals that will be wandering around the wilderness?
It will allow for quick setup of the sections that will make up the behavior of the animal and the tasks that will be taken during those particular sections.


AI Programmer

Dev Update [Caebyn]

Hello people, time to celebrate independence with another social media update.

Things have been good on this side of the studio. Our Twitter is slowly but surely getting recognition and Instagram has been popping off better than ever. This may start to sound like a broken record but thanks to everyone out there that sees, likes, comments, and shares the updates we give out to you guys. We wouldn’t be able to be here without you and we love you all for it.

To all you Americans, have a great Independence Day and be grateful that Will Smith was able to save us all from aliens.


We are so grateful to the following for the support on our Patreon Page!



We currently are working on a community vote hosted by ourselves for a list of weapons (handpicked by BooseOG) that you will be able to vote on yourselves and the weapon with the most votes will be added into the game!

That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.

Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard