Welcome Survivors to our Official AFTERSHOCK Status Report for the 24TH OF MAY 2019, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Hope you Enjoy!

Dev Update [Sam]

Hey there everyone!

I have some new things to share with you in this week’s Development Log.

First of all we had to re-upload our AFTERSHOCK GAMEPLAY - Movement Showcase #2 [10/05/2019] due to a sound issue which is now all sorted.

Feel free to watch it below if you haven’t already:

Now back to your scheduled programming…

UI Overhaul

For the past two weeks, I've discussed with the backers about how much UI is too much. I came to the conclusion that some of you would like visual indicators on your screen that show your stats and some of you would prefer a more hardcore experience with having no onscreen UI.

To adjust to both sides, by default the UI will be turned on and will be toggle-able in game and via the game settings. You will also be able to fully disable UI as a future server option for our hardcore players.

The new UI is a circle located in the bottom right of your screen with four circular bars which indicate the following:

Health/Blood = Red

Stamina = Green

Hunger = Orange

Thirst = Blue

The bars are split into four chunks which should help give a better visual indication of your current stats percentage (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%).

Pause Menu

I've also been working on the pause menu UI which up until recently has been a resume button with some debug buttons. Now you can access an options menu and change features like your field of view and other game-play settings, video settings, input settings, and audio settings. I’m currently nearing completion but due to it not being finished, I’ll hold off until the next Dev-Log before I showcase it in full.

Special Crazies

There is a big reason for why I haven't had as much to share this time around compared to my last Dev-Log segment. This is due to me spending a majority of my time working alongside James on the new Special Crazies which he will talk about in his segment.


That's all I have for this Dev-Log,

Thanks again for all the support everyone!

Dev Update [James]

Hello there.

For the past two weeks, I have been working on getting different types of Crazies implemented. As a result, we actually have some variety in the enemies now. I have been working on an exploder type, where instead of a general swiping attack, much like their current name suggests, they explode.

Along with making this, I have been working with Sam learning about making effects and setting up an Animation blueprint, Camera effects like the camera shake for the Exploder and animation montages. Keep in mind that these are still Work In Progress.

Sam and I have been working together to get more Crazies implemented, so with this he has been working on a Screecher Crazy. This Crazy will alert all nearby Crazies that are in the area and can hear the Screecher.


One thing that I have noticed while working on the Crazies is the fact that they don’t avoid other Crazies, so what I have planned is to figure out a way of making the Crazies avoid others. Making it so that they avoid other AI is great as they will not just be pushing up against one another, trying to get past to no avail but actually being able to navigate the terrain and other Crazies.

With the implementation of Special Crazies, I have been optimizing the way that we can make new Crazies without having repeat sections of code. This is good as it cuts down time when making different Crazies, as a base has been made with all the required code for movement and perception.

I have also been able to get the hearing sense to work to an extent. It works brilliantly with the player and firing a gun. I have been looking into making the other Crazies make noises so that they can alert the other AI.


What is there to look out for in a future dev-log?

I am looking into more special Crazies, one that I am currently looking into are a Tank style Crazy that takes more shots to kill or even a different approach to take it down.

A further thing that I will be looking into is dismemberment of limbs from the crazies. This is possible with the skins that we have for the Crazies and how they are set up. This will allow us to have a more complicated set of Crazies that will give us a bigger range of ideas that we can implement.


AI Programmer

Dev Update [Dom]

Hey everyone, got some new things to show off.

So this week I wanted to return to the town (really need to name it) next to the bunker complex. Someone pointed out that the town was very small as it had 10 houses, so I decided that while I'm planning out stores and roads for the dockside, I'd return and expand.


As you can see from the above image, I've expanded it to about 36 houses. This may change as I want to expand the store section and add a gas station into the mix but now I've found it looks more like a town.

As for roads, I've started to plan the highway. This is time-consuming as I need to plan where all the on ramps and off ramps are and their best placement.


As for the dockyard, I started to place containers onto the ships and I've starting to figure out the placement for the warehouses as well as other structures.


That's all I have for today

-Dom signing off until next time

Dev Update [Aidan]

Hey, Aidan here!

Just a quick update. We are close to having the API sorted, won't be long now before we work on the front end to allow you guys to register and gather up your friends and build your friends list. There are other things in the works in regards to the API, so we will keep you informed.


Dev Update [Caebyn]

Hello peoples of the realm.

Sorry there haven’t been many updates recently but rest assured there has been a lot of work done on the game (as you can tell from all the posts above). We are slowly reaching our goal of 1000 followers on Twitter with 300 being the upcoming milestone at the moment. All the support you give us is extremely helpful and makes our days even better. So please like, share, comment and whatever you do and help us reach our goal because we can’t do it without you guys.

I promise to update more in the next few weeks and I will see you in the next dev-log.

That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.
Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard