Welcome Survivors to our Official AFTERSHOCK Status Report for the 15TH OF MARCH 2019, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Hope you Enjoy!

Dev Update [Sam]

Sam here!
Trying something new here, let me know on the discord what you think! (
Please note that this is a very WIP build you are seeing with some clips containing no trees and other features are hidden, Thanks!

Dev Update [Dom]

Hello People,

Today I have my current revamped bunker, well its more than just a bunker, its will be part of a large underground military network.

I plan on hiding these out across the map, in the future you will be able to find traders and large citizen settlements based around, they aren’t without their dangers, you may be able to find some crazy’s and bandits inside or around these bunkers.

But on the bright side you should be able to find some very good loot inside these bunkers, but they will come at a risk.

But even with that in mind they might still be a sort safe way to traverse the island, but they are old, some tunnels may have collapsed, so enter at your own risk.

Maddog (Dom) signing off till next time

Dev Update [James]

Hello Survivors Last time I talked about the Environment Query System (EQS) that Unreal Engine has, I have been looking into ways of applying this and possibly using it over the current technique that I am using.

The EQS feature allows for more advanced AI than what I originally had made. By using this, it will give us the possibility to determine which enemy is the highest threat, to find cover, a weapon and a bunch of things to that effect, this will be useful for a solder type NPC or similar.

By using EQS alongside what I am currently will give a better variety so that we can have a more in-depth AI. That being said you came here for an update, not a lesson. A lot of progress on the AI has occurred.

With the investigating that I have been doing into the Environment Query System, I have finally been able to get the AI detecting multiple players.

With the rework, I have made it so that we have a Crazy AI that can detect and go to a particular player so that we have an AI that we will be able to use it in a multiplayer environment.

This is still a WIP but it is coming along fine.


I have been able to do this in blueprint through a lot of experimenting on what I want it to do. I am planning to convert what I can to EQS queries, but before that, though I need to learn more about EQS and the possibilities that I can do with it.

Dev Update [Aidan]

Hey, Aidan here!
Update from me regarding the launcher. As stressed as I have been, I took a look at the API we're currently building and said, "I'm not happy with this". So currently we have a system in place that has been mostly hand coded, but it seems difficult to manage for our large scale of users.

So as mentioned in the previous Dev-Log, I'm upgrading the API to use JWT tokens and making the API function better. We will also start moving towards coding our DL repo so our backers can download AFTERSHOCK when testing becomes available.

Watch this space, because in the next few months there may be an opportunity for some of our backers to gain access to the launcher early. Those who do get early access will be able to help us debug the launcher and will get a special icon on their profile.

Keep an eye out for updates.


Dev Update [Caebyn]

Hey guys it's your (5th?) favorite person from BLACKBOX here.

Things have been pretty steady on my side of the studio, just your above average tweets, posts and what not.

The goal now is to get our socials verified across all platforms with Facebook in particular popping off.

Well that's all from me this Dev-Log, enjoy the updates for the next two weeks and see you guys next time!

Dev Update [Grayson]

Hey there everyone!
Been busy dealing with family issues and haven’t had the best two weeks, expect to see some stuff from me next dev log!

Sorry everyone! :(

That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.
Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard