Welcome Survivors to our Official AFTERSHOCK Status Report for the
15TH FEBRUARY 2019, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Hope you Enjoy!

Dev Update [Sam]

Hello Survivors!
My main focus as of late has been working on the map and other game-play related features.

The past two weeks has been a week of good progress, here are some of the main things I worked on:

New ADS/Sway/Bob System:
Our old IK System was very bad, outdated and featured a terrible wrist problem. It looked like our characters left wrist was straight out of harry potter.


Now after some reworking I’ve managed to make the hand attach to the socket on the gun which is what drives the whole Full Body System and also allows us to setup guns quickly. This time with no broken wrists! I went over this briefly in the last update but that was in its early stages, here is a video below of it working:

Watch Update:
As shown off in a older Dev-Log we had a WIP Watch System which linked to the servers Time of Day. We have now added a DOF (Depth of Field) blur and a FOV (Field Of View) zoom in to help you focus more on the watch as before it seemed somewhat distant.

Check Your Ammo:
You can now quickly check your ammo to guess how much ammo is in your magazine, the animations are not ready to show off yet so no clip of this yet.


Landscape Updates:
We have managed to get our draw calls down by 50% which has caused a pretty substantial FPS (Frame Rate) Boost. This is due to our new landscape material which helps us dynamically generate trees and foliage when creating the map, we plan to integrate this into our level builder for the public once we get to that stage. We want to create tools that make development quicker for us while keeping a high level of quality. But also while future proofing for modders and aspiring level designers.

Gun Fights With AI Soldiers:
We have been working behind the scenes on AI Soldiers to run into around crash sites and such. We plan to improve them a lot more in the future. (Major WIP)

Dev Update [James & Dom & Sam]

Hello Survivors!
Not too much to share that Sam hasn’t already shared but I’ve been making strides in the maps progress. Here are some screenshots from us three! Enjoy!

Dev Update [Caebyn]

Hey guys, it's me again. Things have been going smoothly as per usual and it's great to be able to interact and give out information and what not with you people. I can't wait to see what else I will be able to do for BLACKBOX and the community at hand.

Have a great Singles Awareness Day everyone.


Dev Update [Aidan]

Hello Survivors!
No major updates to go over currently as i’m doing a lot of back-end stuff currently.

I might in the future start doing more launcher development streams so let us know on the discord if your interested in that!

Be sure to check out the Paper Launcher video i did last week, very happy with how it turned out!

Dev Update [Dom & Calvin]

Hey Guys, Dom & Calvin here!


Servers have been stable. Nothing new to report on.

- Dom & Calvin [Server Engineers]

That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.
Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard