Welcome Survivors to our Official AFTERSHOCK Status Report for the 8th of NOVEMBER 2019, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Dev Update [Sam]  

Hey there everyone! 
I have some new things to share with you in this week’s Development Log.



When you work on a project of this scale for over a year, the project files can become a little… messy. Even if you do your best to keep everything clean, files and folders can become outdated or even unused. We took the past week as mentioned in the last dev-log to clean up the project and it was a huge success. Also, we decided during that time to prep for an engine update that we were holding off on doing until recently.


It’s that time once again for a new engine update. This update has been out for a while now but we have been holding off in preparation for patches to come out that will fix some of the new issues that come with a fresh build. This is why you see a lot of developers use older versions of engines as they tend to have fewer issues and are far more stable.

Enhanced Real-Time Ray Tracing is a big feature to come with this update and we hope to one day possibly incorporate it into AFTERSHOCK if we ever get our hands on an RTX card!

Chaos Physics and Destruction is something we also would love to look into as well in the near future.

Full Major Update List Below

UE4 1.jpg
UE4 2.jpg
UE4 3.jpg
UE4 4.png


In the last dev-log, I revealed that planes were coming to AFTERSHOCK. I am now happy to show off some new snippets of what is going on behind the scenes. There are two planes currently being worked on, a small plane and a larger plane that you would see being used commercially before the apocalypse began. We also have plans to add in the C-130 that is used if you decide to do an air spawn. The C-130 becoming a flyable plane was one of our backer’s ideas as well, you know who you are! :)

Before I show off any footage, I want to go over the features of the current flight model. Now I’m no pilot so if there are any pilots in the community who want to email me about ideas they have or something I’ve gotten wrong please contact me at


  • Dynamic Air Density.

  • Realistic attempt at simulating real-world lift and drag.

  • Control the thrust of the engine.

  • Brake system.

  • Wheel system for landing (working on allowing to drop landing wheels and raise them).

  • Changing the flaps on the plane.

  • Pilot & Co-Pilot system, two players can control the plane using replicated controls. This is similar to how Arma handles its pilot and co-pilot system.

  • Realistic G-Force, if you hit too many G’s you can pass out.

  • More features to come soon.




Horses? Coming Soon? More in a future dev-log...




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That’s all I have for this development log,



Dev Update [Dom]

Hello Backers, Members and everyone in between.
This dev-log, I’m going to talk about the newer changes to La Feria.

Since the last dev-log, I’ve been doing more work on vertex painting while updating existing textures and building with the changes. I currently have updated both reddish and white bricks with a moss overlay and dirt overlay.

Here is one of the prison white cell-blocks with the moss overlay, this helps make a building that is brighter like the clear white look as if it’s been abandoned/unused.


This also helps with the large prison walls but in this case I’m currently using the dirt overlay to make the large concrete walls look dirty.


Now that I have the vertex painting looking how I want it, next up is to replicate it to other buildings. I will try to implement this while I redo the colors of the town building as people have pointed out the colors are too bright.

That's all for this dev-log guys

Signing off -Dominic

Dev Update [James]

Hey there everyone

A while back I talked about how we have implemented some animal models and last Dev-Log I included a throwback image.
So this week I have some updates on how they have been coming on.

I have been looking into the behavior of the various animals that we currently have models for so that I can replicate them as well as possible.
Just having a model do things is not that interesting which is why I have been working on the animation blueprints for the different animals as shown below.


Regarding the animations, there are two I still need to add to the graph as I need to figure out what animations they will blend with the best. This gives the animals a more active animation state as it can jump around from time to time through the different animations and sets up the basic layout for more animals that will be implemented at a later stage.

The majority of the work done since the last dev-Log has been setting up a lot of the animations so that I can get onto the logic and decision making for the animals.

That is all for now.

Dev Update [Caebyn]      

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.

Before we land, I have some things to say. I’m glad to say that everything as been going along smoothly as usual with a lot of support coming our way. We wouldn’t be able to get to our destination without everyone who sees and shares our content so thank you so much. Twitter has been well recently, slowing gaining followers and getting many likes and such so share it out with your friends and family to get more people involved with our tweets.

Other than that, I hope you have had fun on your journey so far and enjoy the rest of it.

Captain Caebyn.

That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.

Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard