Welcome Survivors to our Official AFTERSHOCK Status Report for the 25th of OCTOBER 2019, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Dev Update [Sam]  

Hey there everyone! 
I have some new things to share with you in this week’s Development Log.



When you work on a project of this scale for over a year, the project files can become a little… messy. Even if you do your best to keep everything clean, files and folders can become outdated or even unused. So because of that, we have taken the week to go and check through the project and see what files and folders we aren't using or plan to use and clean it up. We want to make sure that in the future when more developers join BLACKBOX that the project they work on is easy to understand and navigate.


In the last development log, I went over Motion Matching and how we plan on using it. After doing more research, I discovered that this system isn’t currently ready for the game’s use, however once we have more animation data to feed and have a more refined system we will come back to this. We hope to have this working at some point before launch or in the near future. More updates on this to come.

Even with that in mind, I still can’t wait to showcase the growth of the Motion Matching with you all and how we implement it into different things.



This has been one of the most requested features we have had since announcing AFTERSHOCK. It’s so surprising to me that a lot of survival games don’t have planes implemented by launch. I've been playing around with flight physics and flight sims to try to do my best to make sure that its a realistic take on flying without being too much of a nuisance to new players. Think of it as a system that’s easy to learn the basics but to master will take far more time.


Much like the other vehicles in AFTERSHOCK you will be able to have passengers join you on your flight across La Feria. Be warned though, you must manage your fuel, make sure that you stay high enough above the volumetric clouds and don’t let anyone shoot you down!


In the last dev-log, I discussed the new NPC interactions which include voice lines. Thanks to the people who have responded to our form, if you didn’t sign up last time feel free to do so below!

Sign up here:


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We have been uploading all the streams we do to our YouTube channel here:

That’s all I have for this development log,



Dev Update [Dom]  

Hello Backers, Members and everyone in between.

This dev-log, I'm going to talk about about the newer changes to La Feria.

Since the last dev-log, Sam and I have been going over and talking about the material and textures of the buildings we are using. One of those talks lead me to start creating vertex materials. Vertex painting allows us to paint dirt/moss and other textures onto an existing mesh.


From the above screenshots, you can see the effect vertex painting has on something like a clean white brick surface. This will help make walls and surface look more unused and dirty.

Here are some screenshots from within my prison to show case how it will look (also a quick note, currently I”m using moss to showcase the effect).

Here is the effect on the red bed.


And here it is on white brick


I am also testing this effect on other buildings in the town which will help the buildings look less clean and more untouched.

That's all for this dev-log guys

Signing off -Dominic

Dev Update [James]  

Hello once again.

Last time, I talked about how I am working on a new system that allows for the detection of players which is coming along nicely.

For the different types of AI that we currently have, I am reworking them to interact better with the new detection system and this will allow for less resource-intensive AI. We do not want the server to be overwhelmed, resulting in a lack of buttery smooth performance that we are all trying to attain.

As I have been busy mainly on behind the scenes code of the AI, here is a throwback image of some of the animals that will be implemented.


I have also been looking into and exploring the different ideas that some of you have suggested. Now it is a matter of determining how to implement them and how they would fit into the lore of AFTERSHOCK.  

If you have more ideas that you would like to submit you can do so here:

That is all for now


Dev Update [Caebyn]  

Rise and shine everybody this is your host Caebyn on Apocalypse Radio.

I am here sharing all this top secret information that could get me killed. Enemies are closing in and hideouts are getting scarcer. I hope everyone has been enjoying all the content that I’ve risked my life for. Let’s see how long I can keep this up in case something were to happen to me. If this is the last time then I’m glad for each and every one of you who likes, comments, and shares all that we give out to you. Keep it up survivors, the future is dependent on having as many people seeing our content as they can.

This is your host signing off and stay safe out there.


That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.

Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard