Welcome Survivors to our Second official AFTERSHOCK Status Report of 2019, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Hope you Enjoy!

Dev Update [Caebyn]

Hey guys, your community manager is here. If you're wondering what I've been doing, I am the guy behind the tweets, the Facebook posts, the Instagram photos etc. I also help in a creative way, putting forward ideas to the design, mechanics and what not. My role is to make base with the community here so please let me know what I can do for you people. I'm looking forward to be hearing from you :).

- Caebyn [Community Manager]

Dev Update [James]

Hello Everyone!

Map progress is going well, as I have been busy learning a lot about level design and all that goes along with it. This allows me to be more independent when working so that I do not have to rely on Sam for uploading of models and other assets to import.

This will allow me to get work done faster as so that I can add models and set them up. Giving Sam more time to work on his chunk (Yay faster map progress). I have also been looking into working in Blender so that I can edit models, as I need so that I can have more flexibility when using the models already in the game. My learning never stops.

- James [Programmer/AI]

Dev Update [Dom & Calvin]

Hey Guys, Dom & Calvin here!


Servers have been stable but we have also managed to fix something…

EMAILS, our BlackBox support emails are working now and we are responding to all the support emails from the past 6 months, we never knew we had emails coming in till now so we apologize to any delayed responses.

If you wish to contact us, contact us here:

- Dom & Calvin [Server Engineers]

Dev Update [Aidan]

Hey Boxers,

Here in the launcher department I've been overloading myself with ideas that I plan to implement after the launcher's launch.

However it's been a struggle since I want to begin setting myself up to make these changes only to find that I need to do what I was planning to do after we launch the launcher, before hand.

Other than this, launcher progress has been steady.

We have been dummy running our code in our heads to make sure when we start dev testing the launcher, we won't run into too many issues.

Our goal as always has been to get this launche- out before the game, let people gather their friends and allow for the launcher to mature before our EA program for AFTERSHOCK.

Thanks so much for continuing your support whether you're a backer or not.

- Aidan [Launcher]

Dev Update [Sam]

Hello Survivors!
I have a few cool things to share

  • La Feria Updates.

    We are 18 days into the La Feria map push and work is going well, we have a lot of back end stuff art wise being done so some chunks are receiving less work than the others right now. We have screenshots from a few chunks to share.

    There will be screenshots of the work that we have done at the bottom of the Dev Log.

  • New Interaction System

    When building a town in my chunk of the map i came across a problem, i had an alley way with a fence.

    I thought to myself… What if…

    We could climb over it?

    I started on a system which allows players to climb over fences, open up gates, doors and more. But with fancy animations and sounds (Thanks to Navaro for the sounds!)

    As James mentioned in his part of the Dev-Log he has an old abandoned castle turned military camp, it has a drop gate and we worked together on allowing players to turn a valve to pull up the chain to control the gate.

    We want players to be able to do things you should be able to do in a simulated environment. If i see a fence i can climb, i should be able to climb over it right? If i see a generator i should be able to fill it up with gas and use it to power my base? All these things are important in a survival game. We want to make sure it looks better so the video below of the fence climbing is very much a WIP.

  • Fake GI and Lighting Solutions Update

    While creating the map we had a problem, the map (especially during the day) felt very flat when it came to lighting. We messed with LPV but the performance drop was far too much for us to justify using real time GI. Instead we have made a system which blends two post processing effects to mimic real time GI with screen space reflections.


    As some of you may know, when we switched to Unreal we joined up with Simul to use their TrueSky tech (as seen in games like Arma 3). We have had problems with it in the past and decided to not use it… Till now!
    The sky is fully Volumetric and lighting is all dynamic, storms will occur in game and much more!

    Diving out of a plane through 3D clouds just got real! :)

Dev Update [Dom]


Hello guys time for another update.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been working on my small little piece of the world, nothing much to comment without giving away to much of the little story I’m working on (not the main story, just my little narrative).

If you want an idea it has to do with toxic waste.

shhh you saw nothing.

- Dom [Server Engineer/Level Designer]

That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.
Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard