AFTERSHOCK Status Report - 26th October 2018


Welcome Survivors to our first official AFTERSHOCK Status Report, we will be doing these status reports once every two weeks. This gives us enough time to gather stuff to report on.

Hope you Enjoy!

Dev Update [James]

Hello Everyone!
For the AI I have implemented a basic AI system, mainly focusing on the crazy AI, I have made it so that it will track and follow a player once in a certain range of the player it will attack. Currently a very early WIP as I am working on ways to get the AI to focus on other players, due to way it is currently set up it only focuses on the first player connected, I am Experimenting with various technologies to get this to work as intended.

- James [Programmer/AI]


AI Mechanics

Looking into allowing AI to jump off objects or ledges as a faster way of getting to the player. - James

Dev Update [Aidan]

Hey Boxers, Here's an update on the launcher side of things.

The launcher development has come along quite nicely with our last stream being the implementation of the twitch panel. So far this panel is running on the Twitch Kraken API, and does not have a rate limit. However we will add our own rate limit in as we slowly integrate to the new helix API. As for now we are beginning to work on our own API for the launcher so we can integrate chat asap for our goal to launch the launcher in December this year. We realize that with our own studies to take into account, we need to make sure that our future comes first. We will try our hardest to reach our goal, but even we have limitations.

- Aidan [Launcher Dev]

Dev Update [Dom]

Hey Guys, Dom here!


Nah just kidding. just a small update on what been going on in the world of servers and source control. If people didn't know we use perforce for storing our project files and builds, but a couple weeks back we ran into a weird issue where perforce would go down and not come back up without a restart to the network or the NAS, so it ended up one of the network switches had a bad power cable and wasn't able to keep up with the network usage.

- Dom [Server Engineer]

Dev Update [Steven]

Hey Steven Here, Some of you may have noticed my lack of communication in the last couple of months this is primarily due to the fact that the things that I am working on our back-end stuff for the launcher and functionally that will allow the rest of the team to do admin duties easier. This results in there being very little that I can show. Thanks for all your patience as Aidan and I are working really hard to bring you something that you will all enjoy!

- Steven [Lead Launcher Dev]

Dev Update [Martin]

Hey Guys!
So for a while I've been working through some ideas trying to find a sound to suit the new map. I've had to move around the states quite a bit but I'm finally settled back in Texas, and all of my gear will be coming from NZ in the next few months. I'm gonna start getting serious with the soundtrack once my stuff arrives. If any of you have suggestions or examples I can draw from that you think would suit the new environment, send them my way so I can look.

Hope everyone’s been doing good! <3

- Martin [Music Engineer]

Dev Update [Sam]

Hello World!
Just a little programmer joke for you there ;)
I’ve been working non stop on the game recently, there is a lot for me to go over so ill summarize what I’ve been doing with some screenshots and a quick list:

  • C130 Spawn System

  • Ground Spawn System

  • La Feria (Map Progress)

  • XP System (Leveling your character, no abilities or stuff like that, just a way to show that you have surivived a long period of time.

  • Mantling system (Vaulting/Climbing)

  • Interaction system with animations (Pressing buttons etc)

  • Swimming system

  • New Weapons (MP5, M16, SCAR-H)

  • Updated Free-fall/Parachute system.

That’s the smallest summary i could make, there are a lot of other things i have done like fixing fatal bugs that would cause the game to crash, like if you re-spawn your game would crash.
I’ve attached some screenshots and a clip of the new C130 spawn system!

- Sam [Lead Developer]

C130 Spawn System V2 WIP Video.

That brings us to the end of this AFTERSHOCK Status Report.
Thanks for reading!


Sam Goddard